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Jam Felipe
R Squared Pi: Elliptical Dead-end [ONESHOT] 
24th-Apr-2012 07:48 pm
Title: R Squared Pi: Elliptical Dead-end
Subject: YabuNoo, TakaNoo
Genre: Angst, Romance
Disclaimer: Mine!
Requested by: joykimberly

They decided to watch Takaki’s new drama which is the cause of Yabu’s continuous and uncontrollable laughter. Inoo watch as Yabu rolled on the floor; hands clutching his stomach.

“Oi stop that will you.” The pale guy said upon throwing a pillow at his lover.

Yabu walked back to the couch to rejoin Inoo; hands automatically wrapping themselves to the younger.  “Takaki is such a versatile actor. He should win an award soon!” He exclaimed with his sniggers.

A bitter smile appeared to that beautiful face. “Hai hai.” A little flashback drowned his senses.

“You are not that enthusiastic ne?” Yabu squinted at Inoo.

Inoo shrugged. “Homework. School stuffs.” Yeah, the in famous homework and school stuffs.

The older then decided to massage Inoo. “You should relax ‘kay? We are watching Yuya’s drama to have fun and support him, ne?”

“I think it is Shintaro’s drama. OI! Don’t disregard my precious kouhai!”

“Okay okay. Shintaro de Shintaro. And why are you bitter towards Yuya, huh?” Yabu accused.

Inoo shrugged. He leaped towards Yabu; wraps his slender arms around the older guy’s neck. “Then why don’t you help me relax, ne?” Both have forgotten the drama which is now playing the part where Takaki hids in a box, got almost discovered thus, playing dead once more.

Inoo didn’t even relaxed for a bit; his tension shooting up.


Let’s go back 5 months ago. It’s Christmas eve, Takaki and his boyfriend, or rather we can say girlfriend, Inoo, planned to celebrate in a fancy restaurant. They sat at a corner almost hidden from the public eye.

“I love this. I love you.” Inoo cooed while literally swirling on his seat.

Takaki smiled at his boyfriend’s antics. “Then should we celebrate Christmas eve every year?”

Inoo looked perplexed. “Is this the part when you are supposed to ask me for marriage?”

“Well what can you say, Vegas or Canada?” Takaki asked and the smile on that beautiful face got wider.

“Isn’t it a bit too early?”

“You can say that but maybe we can move to an apartment together, let’s say live in until such time when you’re already an architect and,” Takaki looked so happy. “I am already an award winning versatile actor, I got the drama!” He beamed to Inoo. “Then we can get married by that time.” He took Inoo’s hand gently.

“I love you so much Takaki Yuya, never ever forget that.” He leaned towards the older for a very romantic kiss.

They’ve finally found a good apartment which suites both of them. Inoo love it to the deepest, imagning him and Takaki snuggling, cooking, bathing and doing a lot of thing together to their paradise.

“What are you dreaming huh?” Strong arms wrapped around him.

Inoo leans back to Takaki. “I want to build our own house someday; you’ll help in designing right?”

Takaki lulled them both.

“This is so relaxing. Just being with you calms me down; I can forget m stress and frustrations just by snuggling with you. Don’t ever leave me, you hear that. ” He threatened.

Takaki turns him around. “Hai hai.” He stole a peck as he slips a bandana at Inoo’s forehead. “But we need to clean this place first and then we’ll move our things and we start a life.”

Inoo knows that the words ‘I love you’ are oozing out from each and everything from Takaki. It is more than enough for him; more than enough to make his heart jump with joy.

“You’re moving?” HIkaru, Daiki and Yabu exclaimed.

“Well I am a college student; of course I need a breather from my parents.” He lied.

“You’re right.” Takaki said; throwing a secret glance at Inoo.

“I’ll help you move your things!” Yabu exclaimed. Storming out of their dressing room; dragging Inoo with him.

Yabai, Yuyan TASUKETE! Inoo shouted at his mind as Yabu began to attack hin once they’ve got in the apartment.

And that’s how a raging Takaki found them; a groaning Inoo on the couch with a horny Yabu on top of him. Blinded by his jealousy, he walks away silently.

The next day was the worst for Inoo. A sore back and a Takaki Yuya, not his Takaki Yuya anymore, in front of him at the door of the apartment.

“You can have the place. We’ve already paid it for a year, it’ll be useless if none of us will use it.”

“Yuyan~” A single tear past through his cheek.

Takaki wipe it away. “We both don’t need to explain anything since it’s perfectly clear.”

“I’m so-” He tried to hug the older.

“Don’t.” Takaki whispered.

And that’s it.


Back to the present, Inoo stood up and walk through his drawer. Grabbing a blueprint, he headed at the balcony. Giving his last gaze at the incomplete sketch, he folded the blueprint into a paper plane. He scribbled something before letting the wind blew it away.

He wants to end this pretense with Yabu. He wants to be happy once more.

~you’re the only one who owns my heart


the sequel will follow soon~

2nd-May-2012 02:48 pm (UTC)
this is touching.... ;__;
why inoo cheated on??
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