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Jam Felipe
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14th-Aug-2013 04:06 pm

MultiChapters :

* Saikou Club [COMPLETED]
   (Cast) (Episode01) (Episode02) (Episode03) (Episode04)
(Episode05) (Episode06) (Episode07) (Episode08 - Last Episode)

* HeSanTria [ONGOING]
   (Cast) (BookI) (BookII) (BookIII) (BookIV) (BookV)

* Sky of Love [ONGOING]
(Cumulus) (Stratus)

OneShots :

* Trembling Hearts of Mislead Interpretations

* Handkerchief

* Moon Rush : (Yamada POV) (Takaki POV) (Third Installment)

* Guitar Love

* Predictable

* River Flows on You

* R Squared Pi: (Elliptical Dead-end) (Cryptic Cycle)

* Yellow blots on Red pages

Drabbles :

* Little Complicated Things called Jealousy
* Tough Time

Request Page :  HERE


So few!! But I'll try my best to have a lot in the future~

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