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Jam Felipe
Yellow blots on Red pages [ONESHOT] 
11th-Aug-2012 08:14 am
Title: Yellow blots on Red pages
Author: weirdsora
Subject: YamaJima
Genre: Fluff, smut
Disclaimer: Ours!
A/N: This is the very first time that I've ever wrote a YamaJima story so please bear with it.

A tall guy bowed in front of him greeting him a cheerful good morning. He clicked his tongue, annoyed that the other man’s unusual tallness bothered him so much, he snorted his morning.

Ryosuke seriously hated his height. His older brothers are tall and they look so mighty with their suits while he stands 165 cms only. He was born and raised in Tokyo where everything is so modern including the cars. It was his father’s 50th birthday that he needed to go back at Aomori. And by going back means primitive life.

A boring castle and his recreation activities circulates in calligraphy, katana practice and horse polo; the very reason for all of his inferiorities. He can’t reach to ride a horse or if able to ride one, he needed to stretch his limbs for all the contraptions.

And here comes a tutor suggested by his 2bd brother, a lean and very tall guy, this is too much.


“Oujisama, I will be your tutor. I’m Yuto, the caretaker of the horses, yoroshiku.” He said while following Ryosuke inside the stable. “Your brother suggested Miyabi.”

Ryosuke clicked his tongue, annoyed and exasperated. “Miyabi?”

Yuto walked past Ryosuke and stopped in front of a quarter of a deep brown filly. “Miyabi.”

As he looked at Miyabi, Ryosuke immediately hated that the deep brown skin and the dark orbs work with him. “Will I be able to ride you properly?” He asked.

Yuto lightly chuckled before patting Miyabi’s hair. “We are at your mercy Ryosuke oujisama.” He smiled.

Ryosuke found himself drawn at the smile.


Ryosuke arched one delicate brow at MIyabi whom stared at him.”Why are you dressed like that?” That being a royal yellow coat; he bet his mother have something to do with it.

“Don’t you like yellow?” Yuto asked with a smile; adjusting the foot ledger.

“Take it out.” He dryly ordered. He just doesn’t like it; he thought yellow is too bright.

Once the coat had been out of Miyabi and the foot ledgers are in proper place, standing in a foot stool, Ryosuke managed to get on Miyabi.

“The ropes and the ledgers are adjustable so you can use it accessibly.” Yuto said; holding the ropes and swiftly guiding Ryosuke around the vicinity.


“Oujisama, how is it like in Tokyo?”

By now, Ryosuke had learned to expect random questions from Yuto.

By now, Ryosuke had learned to ride and control MIyabi.

“I’m bored from this castle; I want to see a different scene.” He nonchalantly said.

Yuto, at the back with a stallion, went near him. “I don’t think you are allowed to go outside the castle.” Which earned him the sideway glare of the day. “Forgive me, oujisama.”

“As you should be.” Ryosuke said before turning around, apparently losing his mood.

For the whole two weeks, all that he can see would be the castle’s garden which made him sick because of the sunflowers his mother cultivated. He suggested that they should have sakura, it is Japanese, rather than those yellow buds but his mother is persistent saying “We are already in Japan and you want our garden be filled with Japanese trees, it is very Japanese, not my type.”

Ryosuke seriously hated his mother.


“I heard that you wanted to go outside. Why?” His brother asked. It was latter after their supper that his brother went to his room.

He puffed his cheeks and then sighed. “I want to go back at Tokyo; Aomori is a sickening place for me.” Lying eagle spread on his bed, Ryosuke sighed once more. “This is so boring.”

His brother settled next to him. “I’m permitting you to go outside.” And that made the younger to hurriedly sit up. “Really?” He exclaimed.

His brother fought hard not to smile; Ryosuke is such an easy kid. “As long as Yuto is with you.”

Ryosuke nodded with a smile.


They are in the public plaza the next morning. Growing up in Tokyo, the people of Aomori didn’t recognize the youngest prince. Easy for Ryosuke and Yuto to stroll; in which they have been doing for the last two hours since the prince is quite fascinated with the different stalls.

“What’s the importance of mere ground stones?” He asked when he sppoted a stall for stones.

Yuito grabbed one in which it is a pair of two complimentary stones, “They are not mere ground stones, they are spring stones which emits heat.”

“There are a lot of them in Tokyo.” Ryosuke interjected.

“There are a lot of them in Tokyo which originated from Aomori.’ Yuto said while paying for the pair, earning a serene smile from the merchant. “They are the rare, found once every three years and they are of perfect pair, see” Showing the cracks of the stones that fits with the other.

Ryosuke grimaced. “And am I supposed to care for mere stones?” He snarled and went to the stall across.

If not being a prince, Yuto would have spunk Ryosuke. He clicked his tongue in exasperation; hiding the stones in his pockets before following the prince.


“You like to eat ne oujisama?” Yuto smiled while watching the prince. They are now in a nearby hill having their lunch.

“Yes! I like to eat ne~” Ryosuke cooed with a hint of sarcasm in his voice; ready to throw a;; those foods at Yuto, if not having the sense of loss for the foods.

But the sarcasm was lost in Yuto. “I like to eat too. How does the foods in Tokyo taste like?” He looked at the prince with a good-hearted smile.

Ryodsuke found himself drawn at that smile again. He snapped; he was planning to give another snide comment but, “It’s almost the same, just that in Tokyo there’s more spices.” He properly said.

Yuto dreamily take a bite in his gyoza. “This gyoza would have been tastier if I were in Tokyo.”

Ryosuke just smile.


“The celebration would be the day after tomorrow. The day after that, you can go back to Tokyo.” And Tokyo rings a bell at Ryosuke.

“Finally!” He exclaimed before closing his eyes. A tall guy smiling appeared, he smile.


“I’ll be going back to Tokyo the day after tomorrow. Will you miss me?” Miyabi snorted at him. “You’ll miss me ne? Gomen Miyabi,” patting the horse’s hair, “I can’t bring you with me since we use cars in Tokyo. Don’t worry, I’ll try to visit you.” Ryosuke said before tapping his foot at the side of Miyabi.

“I’ll miss you oujisama.” Yuto interjected that made Ryosuke skewed his mouth in an attempt not to smile.


“Oujisama, do you already have a gift for your father?” Yuto asked. He was guiding Ryosuke at the forest.

“He said that my presence is already enough and where is the spring that you’re talking about?” Yuto didn’t answer but his steps quickened.

“Here we are,” smiling toothily while gesturing fir the direction of the spring.

“This is nice.” Ryosuke mumbled; getting down from Miyabi.

“Let’s swim!” Yuto exclained; taking off his shirt before jumping at the clear water.

Ryosuke was stucked on his place. Beneath the piece of cloth is a very muscular guy. Yuto is not just skin and bones. He looked so strong and Ryosuke wondered how it would felt to be in those arms.

His reverie was distraught when Yuto called for him.

“Ryosuke oujisama! The water is nice, let’s go at the fall!”

Ryosuke take off his shirt and joined Yuto at the middle of the spring. “Isn’t it dangerous under that fall? The pressure is too strong, I think.”

Yuto looked dumbfounded for a second before he grabbed Ryosuke’s hand and pulled him at the base of the fall where the pressure of the water is soothing their muscles. The prince sighed in pleasure.

“See, this is nice.” Yuto smiled and for the first time, he saw the prince’s soft smile.



“Miyabi is the strongest of all the horses in the castle but she’s so delicate.” Yuto said while looking at Miyabi, whose ropes are tied in a big rick near the entrance of the cave.

There’s a small cave at the other side if the fall and that’s where they decided to take their dinner.

“Why did you become a caretaker for horses?” Ryosuke suddenly asked.

Yuto smiled. “Why did you become a prince?” He asked while cleaning their mess. “You can’t ask someone why they are in that status.”

“Aren’t you supposed to answer my inquiries and not lecture it on me?” Ryosuke said; pitch higher than his average.

Yuto shrugged.

“I’ll be going back to Tokyo where there are a lot of spices for foods, where it is easier to live unlike this province, where I can buy a lot of great gifts. Now tell me why you are a caretaker for horses?!” He ranted in annoyance but was soon gone because he was being kissed.

It is strong and messy. Ryosuke take a hold of Yuto’s shoulders and tried to return the kiss. It then becomes soft and mellow and none would want to let go if not for the need to breath.

Yuto’s eyes were wide with trepidation; Ryosuke slowly opened his eyes and he smiled at Yuto.

“I want to go to Tokyo. I want to learn how to live outside the castle.” Yuto said.

Ryosuke caressed his face, Yuto found it soft and soothing. “I know.” He said with a smile and an honest emotion in his eyes.

Yuto finally return the smile and Ryosuke was drawn into it again.

Both drew close and they kissed. Soft and mellow til’ it began to escalate. Seeking and giving, exploring and imploring.

Ryosuke then guided them both to lie at the mat; encouraging Yuto to take the matters further. He tilted his neck for a better access on his milky neck while his right hand threaded the longish black hair. He then felt fluttery kisses on his chest. “Ah!” Ryosuke arched his back when Yuto took his right nipple in his mouth. He gripped on the guy’s hair tighter.

Yuto kissed him again, his tongue gentle and coaxing. His hand travelling down to undo his pants; Ryosuke returned the favor and undo his pants. They were both breathless when Yuto broke the kiss. His eyes spoke of a thousand confusions.

Ryosuke smiled as he pulled him for another kiss; removing his underpants while guiding Yuto’s hand unto him. One finger after another until three fingers were already preparing him; sliding and scissoring in his insides. It lasts for a bit until he felt the need to be filled; not by fingers but with Yuto’s own.

It was almost maddening but the other had already noticed it. He removed his own underpants and caressed the prince’s forehead. “I’m going inside.” He shyly mumbled.

Yuto entered inside him with very careful inch. A sound of pleasure escaped from Ryosuke as he pushed himself fully. He groaned in pleasure as he stilled for the other to adjust on him.

He then began to move slowly. Both gasps for a few seconds until their desires heightened. Their groans and moans become louder; blending with the sounds of the falling water.

Ryosuke can feel the strange tingling all over his body, the pressure from the thrusts made his breath escalate and the pleasure, overwhelming.

Yuto’s groans filled his senses and it sends electric sparks down his spine.

The cave now moving with them as they cried out each other’s name; Yuto threw his head back and hands folded with Ryosuke as he unloaded himself inside that tight cavern. With a final thrust, he collapsed on Ryosuke’s body, both of them panting hard.

They were silent, catching their breaths; seeming enough to enjoy the climax still lingering in their senses.

Yuto got up and pulled his limp member out of the prince, They stare at each other before surrendering for another kiss.


The king’s party was held at the large banquet in the castle. Family and close friends were invited for the simple celebration which later on becomes a drinking party for the elderly.

Ryosuke and his brother went to the balcony. “Are you still going back at Tokyo?”

“Of course.” No second mind with his firm decision.

“Why won’t you stay in here? This castle is so big for the three of us.” His brother’s voice a bit high.

He chuckled. “There should be only two princes in a castle fortunately; I became the third. Heck, if ever I became a girl, mother would make me a gardener.”

“But this is still your home.”

“That one,” he looks straight at his brother. “This isn’t. Tokyo is my only home, not Aomori.” Not a bit of bitterness in his voice. “I would never exchange cars for horses.”

And they both laugh. In the midst of that starry night, both brothers look below the sunflower field of their mother.

“I never really like sunflowers.” Ryosuke blurted.

His brother chuckled. “Yellow was never a Japanese color yet mother loves them so much.”


“I’m going home.” He bided before his family.

His car was already in the outskirt of town when it suddenly stops. Ahead is a caretaker on a deep brown filly; smiling while stretching his left hand in the open air. The prince went out of the car. He reach for the hand and it pulled him up until he was settle in front of him and they travelled their way to Tokyo.

the plot is from a close friend ^^
well I hope you'll like this one, or something like that XDDD
14th-Aug-2012 08:09 am (UTC)
Pambihira naman~~~ nawindang ako dun a~ tlgang nangabayo sila papuntang Tokyo?!? EPIC~!! XD

Pero ankyut~ yung ugali ni Ryosuke... LOL~!

20th-Aug-2012 04:40 am (UTC)
haha, gnun tlga.. nakalimutan kong ilagay na during the 1800s yan. Gomen~

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