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Tough Time [Drabble] 
12th-May-2012 10:39 am
Title: Tough Time
Author: weirdsora
Subject: TakaYama (my most beloved otp), Hikato, YabuTaro 
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Friendship
Note: My 2nd birthday drabble for Yamachan. My TakaYama heart is so alive and kicking right now, sankyuu ASIAN TOUR! and you guys better order the TakaYama uchiwa, so freaking H-O-T!!
this is the first pic Yamada drabble that I've made Little Complicated things called Jealousy

Takaki whistles on his way to the arena. He, alongside with BEST, had prepared a surprise for Yamada.

1st BEST (except for a blabber mouth Daiki) meeting.

“The cake should be filled with strawberries.” Inoo suggested.

Hikaru frown. “It’s very common.” He exclaimed.

Inoo glanced sideways at Hikaru. “Then what can you suggest Shimoda - sensei?”

Yabu and Takaki sighed.

“Koala punch!” He stood up. “I am not a mama’s boy. I just lo-”

“Okay we get it.” Inoo said; stricking the Fa in his piano.

“Ahehehe” Takaki dryly laugh. “A cake with lots of strawberry and a koala punch, it’ll be great ne?”

Yabu face palmed and then a pregnant silence engulfed the practice room.

“What are you doing guys?” Yuto asked upon entering the room.

“Are you okay?” Keito asked; grabbing his guitar before settling beside HIkaru. “Ne?” He poked the older who just smiled at him.

“Betsuni mo, let’s just practice.” Yabu said and they practice as JUMP band.

Over an hour and a half through their practice, Manager-san entered with Yamada on trail.

“Yamada will be joining you this time.” He announced.

“I’ll be playing with my sax.” Yamada smiled at them; showing his saxophone bag slung on his right shoulder.

“You do have a score sheet for your sax?” Yabu asked.

Yamada nodded.

“So let’s start again with Ryosuke!” HIkaru cheered earning a glare form both Takaki and Keito.

God damn you Hikaru! I’m the only one who can call him Ryosuke! Takaki cursed in his mind.

Keito moved next to Yuto and sulked with his guitar.

The 2nd BEST (except Daiki) meeting happened through twitter.

divert: A cake with lots of strawberry and a koala punch, right guys?

origamiHair: @diverT let’s put a saxophone~

ryuYabs: @origamiHair I like the idea

diverT: @origamiHair @ryuYabs agree!

origamiHair: @prettyK why don’t you design the cake?

prettyK: @origamiHair fine by me. Give me some minutes to draw it.

ryuYabs: @diverT @origamiHair I’ll be playing with my DS. Be back later~

diverT: so I’m stuck with you @origamiHair

origamiHair: @diverT XDD

After an hour..

prettyK: @diverT @ryuYabs @origamiHair what can you say guys? pic.twitter.com/7n8V56t

diverT: @prettyK sugee, sankyuu!!

ryuYabs: @prettyK nice job!

origamiHair: @prettyK @diverT @ryuYabs have you seen this guys? pic.twitter.com/LyyR97L

prettyK: @origamiHair goddamn bashers!!

And that’s the end of the 2nd meeting since Inoo tried to bash the bashers.

During the MC part of the asian tour concert.

“During the beginning of TIME, Takaki mess up his dance.” Inoo curtly said.

“What? I didn’t! If I did I’m not cool!” Takaki exclaimed. Damn it Inoo-chan, this is so not cool for an act!

“What happened?” The other members (clueless) asked, while Yabu and Hikaru were chuckling.

“I didn’t make mistake in my dance!” Takaki exclaimed.

“Let’s talk about it later.”

Takaki pretended to sulk and went backstage. Yabu followed him.

“Oi, let’s do it.” Yabu said; Takaki grin toothily to him.

“Yuma, come here.” Takaki said and Yuma walked near them. “Help us ne?”

And Yuma looked quizzically at Takaki.

When the lights went on again.

“Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday Yamachan~ Happy birthday to you~” Yabu, Takaki and Yuma were holding the cake.

Yamada looked shocked. He walked away and lied on the floor. When he looked upward, he saw Takaki looking down on him. “You play me a trick!”

“Takaki and Inoo were role-playing.” Yabu said.

“Yuyan!!” Yamada exclaimed before jumping at Takaki’s back. “Arigatou, Aishiteru.” He whispered.

And that’s how he celebrated his 19th birthday.


Credits to the owners of the pics, the translations and such but the story was mine.

For the real thing, here's a fan report. JUMP ASIAN TOUR CONCERT MAY 9, 2012
12th-May-2012 05:13 am (UTC)
this is just too much for me!!!! God!!!!! Take me now!!!! /off to TakaYama world

kakain kami ng strawberry cake ni Mayel mamaya~ pinagawa ko ung for his birthday.
12th-May-2012 05:20 am (UTC)
Go home in our world!!

God I want to eat too!! I'll be going to Manong's house tomorrow BLEH!
14th-May-2012 08:36 am (UTC)
goodjob with this fic!!! HAHAHAH HIKARU DONT CALL YAMA-CHAN THAT! That's only for takaki!!!!

i wonder if yamada ever whispered during the piggy back cause that would be so suspiscios! =))

thank you for this!!
14th-May-2012 08:37 am (UTC)
btw, is there a takayama uchiwa???
or just takaki and yamada solos? :))
15th-May-2012 10:14 am (UTC)
Just the solos, but I'll be buying both so TakaYama Hehehe

thanks for reading this~
17th-May-2012 01:33 pm (UTC)
Ohhh. haahah okay! :)

you're welcome!!
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