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Jam Felipe
2nd-May-2012 08:58 am
Title: R Squared Pi: Cryptic Cycle
Author: weirdsora
Subject: YabuNoo, HIkaBu, TakaNoo
Genre: Angst, Friendship, Romance
Disclaimer: MINE! 
Requested by: joykimberly
A/N: Sequel of R Squared Pi: Elliptical Dead-end

5 months into their relationship.  Inoo had been busy for the last weeks and Yabu had been hanging out with Hikaru. Heaven is the best word to describe it and this is his chance.

Yabu was giggling at his phone before setting it down.

“Is that Hikaru?” Inoo asked; looking at yabu sternly.

“Yup!” The older answered with a smile.

“Tell me, are you in love with him?” and that made Yabu’s eyes dilated. Inoo sighed, “I know that I’m busy and can’t give you a lot of my time. Are you in love with HIkaru?”

“You’re just tired. You know I have a lot of thing to d-”

He threw a pencil on the floor. “No! We’re talking about this now!” Inoo pitched.


“Are you in love with Hikaru?” He asked once more.

Yabu looked at him seriously. “Yes. I love him. I’m so in love with Hikaru.”

And that’s the final string to everything.

“Get all your things. I want them out by tonight.” Inoo said; grabbing his bag and keys. “Lock the door when you go out.” And he was out of sight, leaving a gloomy Yabu.

Upon entering his car, Inoo screamed of happiness. Driving in a beach nearby where he enjoyed being free again.


Inoo smiled; looking at their dressing room which turned into a club courtesy of his band mates by the names of Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru. His license had just been issued; April 24, 2014 Inoo Kei is now an architect.

Daiki approached him. “What are your plans now, Mr. Architect?” The younger asked.

 “I’ll be taking a month vacation.” Inoo said proudly. It has been a very stressful two years for him; breaking up with Takaki, being with Yabu, tons of homeworks and projects, breaking up with Yabu, clearances, graduation, licensure exam and now that he achieved his goal, all he wants is a vacation.

“Where to?”

He sips on his beer. “I’m going to travel in Europe.” He sighed as his thoughts flew in a western country; he needs a peaceful country.

Hikaru pokes him, “Ne Inoo-chan, I’ve heard that you’re moving back to your parent’s house, why?”

“I’m due for about 3 months now.” He simply said.

“Ne~” A drunken Yabu approach them and clings unto Hikaru, “I want to go home love~ I’m *hick* quite tipsy *hick*now.” He falls limply at his boyfriend’s arms.

Hikaru assisted him. “That’s my call. We’ll be going now. I’m sorry we can’t help you clean.” He said pleadingly before tending at Yabu. “Tipsy is not the word for you, no drinking again for the rest of the year.”

“Meanie~” Yabu giggled while being dragged away by his boyfriend.

“It’s funny how Hika-chan is the only one who can manage a drunken Yabu-kun.” Daiki said while trying to clean the table, which he can’t do properly.

“Let me clean this.” Inoo said; swatting Daiki but in the process pushing the younger into the couch.

After clearing the table, Inoo found Daiki snoring. He smiled when he tried to wake the others; Daiki just shrugged.

“Let’s get him home.” Takaki suddenly said while pulling the younger up; assisting him in walking. Inoo followed them with their bags.

They safely send Daiki home and are now in front of the apartment’s door. “Why don’t you come in first?” Inoo invited as he steps in and went to the kitchen.

Takaki checked the apartment; this is the first time he’ll set foot on that flat again.

“Hai hai.” He stole a peck as he slips a bandana at Inoo’s forehead. “But we need to clean this place first. Then we’ll move our things and we start a life.”

Inoo pats him, “Are you okay?” Offering the cup of tea.

Takaki looked at him; dazed. “I’m fine.” He said as he accepted his cup.

“You look sick.” The pale guy remarked.

“No, I’m just-” He sighs. “It brings back memories.” Takaki said that made them awkwardly silent.

“I’ll have my house warming on the fourteenth.” Takaki said; leaving the place immediately.

Inoo looked at the cup as a single tear slid down his cheek.

Takaki wipe it away. “We both don’t need to explain anything since it’s perfectly clear.”

“I’m so-” He tried to hug the older.

“Don’t.” Takaki whispered.

There’s no one who’ll wipe his tears now. He stood up; grabbing the cup and dumping it at the trash bin.

It’s been a good two weeks since that happened and he is now seated at the lobby of Narita Airport.

From: Inoo-chan

My flight is today. Get me updated ‘kay?

I’ll buy you a lot of souvenirs XD

From: Daiki

Have a safe trip.

I want castle!!

He smiles as he turns off his phone and proceeded to the gate.

It has been a good 6 days since he arrived in France; he has seen the Eiffel tower and his most favorite the Louvre museum; the Mona Lisa is really something so spectacular. He spent almost 3 days just wandering inside that museum and almost a day just admiring the glass pyramid. How he felt like doing something as amazing that pyramid.

When he got back to the hotel that night, he prepared his things. Tomorrow is his flight to Italy; he needed to see Rome.

From: Daiki

Yuya’s house is amazing!!

You should see it~

Oh, and I still want my castle!!


And the attached picture of a house made him tear up. His flight to Italy was re-routed to Japan. He found himself in front of a two-storey house in Okinawa.

“Yuya! Yuya! Open up.” He screamed for the last 3 minutes while banging at the mahogany door.

The door opened revealing a Takaki Yuya clad in a bath robe.

“Yuya!” Inoo cried as he embraced his beloved.

“Uwaa-” A shocked Takaki then hold a sobbing Inoo. “You’re supposed to be in Europe, right? Calm down. Tell me what happened.”

He pats the younger; carrying him unto the living room.

“Yu *sniffs* ya.” Inoo managed to say.

“Wait here.” Takaki said as he disappeared into the kitchen.

Inoo then wandered inside the house, every angle, every pillar. He walked unto the master’s bedroom which looked like Takaki’s room, and his body slump down when he looked at the framed blueprint overhead the queen sized bed.

“Kei,” A husky voice called him and he turned around, Takaki is looking at him expectantly.

“This is *sniff* this- is our house.” He sobbed.

Setting the glass of water on his desk, Takaki sat on his ergonomic chair. “You said that I should help in designing. It’s an accident how I found that,” referring to the blueprint, “I’m on my way to the studio when a kid asked for some help, and in return he gave me a paper plane.” He gestured for Inoo to take his hand and the latter accepted it. “I find it useless that I almost threw it away when I noticed the footmark. When I unfolded it the sketch hit me, I just knew that it is you. I’m sorry.” He hung his head low.

“No, no.” Inoo said as he held Takaki’s face in his palms. “No, don’t be.”

Takaki held his hands.

“Yuya,” Another tear passed through Inoo’s face. Takaki wipe it as Inoo closes his eyes.

Takaki held down his face as both leaned for a kiss; a kiss full of passion and romance. Inoo sat unto the older guy’s lap. They continue to savor each other until they run out of breath.

Forehead to forehead, Inoo peck on Takaki’s lips. “Take me tonight Yuya, make me yours.” He pleaded.

Takaki moved them to the bed and they both flew the heights of heaven together.

Takaki looked dazed at the fountain of Trevi, he tossed a few coins wishing to go back in this beautiful city of Rome. Someone grabbed his left hand and held it gently.

“Did you wish for us to come back here?” Takaki asked him.

He nodded enthusiastically, “I would really like to come back here especially of you’ll be with me.”

“How sweet of my wife.” Takaki Yuya chuckled; he tossed a coin as well. “We’ll surely go back in here as many times as you like.”

Kei smiled. He isn’t Inoo Kei anymore, but Takaki Kei now and forever. He tightened his hold on his husband and a faint sound echoed from their rings.


critiques are well appreciated

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