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Jam Felipe
River Flows on You [ONESHOT] 
9th-Nov-2011 03:52 pm
Title: River flows on You
Author: weirdsora
Subject: YabuNoo / InooBu
Genre: Angst, Romance, Jealousy
Warning: TADAIKI!
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I really do wish to.

River flows on You
“I won’t. And besides do you want me to tell Yuya, huh?”
Daiki frowned. “I would definitely tell Yabu-kun that you like him.” He threatened with a smirk.
“Daiki!” Kei exclaimed, “get the hell out of my face!” He shouted in anger.
Daiki cowardly wave his hands back and forth, “a-haha-ha Kei, I won’t really, I’m sorry.’ He pleaded.
Kei throw his right arm pointing the door, Daiki hurriedly run outside the room.
Not in the mood to continue his project, Kei walk out from the room.
“What happened?” Hikaru ask; worried that Kei is unusually red.
“Nothing!” Kei barked and then walks away.
“Okay, what did I do to him?” Hikaru wondered.
Kei directed himself to the rooftop, fist clenched into a ball, “arghhhhhhhh! Daiki you baka!” he shouted. Clouds then began to turn gray.
Kei hold unto the railings, his face is filled with anger, he started kicking the wall.
“Once I get to hold you Daiki you’re dead!” He once again exclaimed.
“arghhhhhhh!: He shouted then sat down.
Kei held his head against his legs trying to calm down.
He pops his IPOD from his pocket, stuck his headphone. When he’s already calm, he turns off his IPOD.
He looks up, eyes close and then opens his eyes with a sigh; he saw the familiar smile of Yabu hovering over the flat form above him.
“What are you doing up there?” Kei ask.
“What are you doing down there?” Yabu ask then throw a bottle of ice tea to Kei.
“Hey, watch it!” Kei said then opens the bottle and take a sip.
“Did I tell you to drink that?” Yabu ask.
The pale guy looked at the half-filled bottle. “um .. Thanks.” Kei said then drink the remaining liquid.
“What’s your problem with Daiki?” Yabu ask.
“He’s being a stupid penguin.” Kei said in a calm voice.
“What’s the problem with that?” And with that the pale guy bat an eyelid as he looks up again to look at Yabu.
“Yabu, why do you over repeat questions?” Kei ask; a bit annoyed at the older guy’s circles.
“Huh? Do I over repeat questions?” Yabu wondered.
“You’re doing it again.” Kei said.
“What am I doing?” Yabu ask.
“It’s purely idiotic, stop it.” Kei said as he leans back to the wall; closing his eyes.
“What should I stop?” Yabu ask.
“Stop talking.” Kei whispered then stands up.
“Are you leaving already?” Yabu ask.
“What do you thin - yes, I am.” Kei said; giving a direct answer as he the older might just throw back the question again.
“Where are you going?” Yabu ask.
“Away from yo - Gonna go back to the practice room. You aren’t gonna go back?” Kei ask.
“Me?” Yabu shook his head back and forth.
“What are you really doing up there?” Kei ask.
“Would you like to join me here?” Yabu invited.
Kei run into the small staircase, “here I am. What are you doing?” He then saw a pile of CDs arrange beside Yabu. “So you’re actually listening to that” referring to the CDs, “That’s why you can’t hear me properly.” Kei said.
Yabu shook his head. Kei sit beside Yabu.
“What are playing?” Kei asked then pulled one earphone from Yabu. “Okay, why are you listening to piano sonatas?”
“Because I wanted to learn how to play the piano.” Yabu said.
“How are you gonna learn if you’ll just listen to it?” Kei questioned.
“It’ll help me memorize faster.” Yabu said.
“Tell me,” Kei stare at Yabu, “You really don’t know how to play the piano so you’re just listening to piano sonatas right?” Kei said.
Yabu’s cheeks tinted pink, he look away.
Kei look at a different direction, “Well if you really want to learn the piano, I can teach you.” Kei look to his right to hide the blush.
Yabu immediately turn his head to Kei, “Really?”
Kei nods, still not looking at Yabu. Yabu hug him.
“A-air.” Kei gasped at the suffocating embrace.
Yabu then release Kei with a soft ‘gomen’.
“You want to start now?” Kei ask while patting Yabu’s head.
“Really? Of course!” Yabu exclaimed then throw his CDs in his bag.
“Aren’t you a little excited?” Kei teased.
“Hurry up!” Yabu exclaimed; standing up and pulling Kei by his arms.
At the piano room,
“Watch me first.’ Kei said then sit down at the piano chair, “this is Do-re-mi.’ He keyed on the piano, “Come here.” Yabu sit beside him on the small chair, “try it.” Yabu keyed for Do-re-mi, “Good, now try.”
After a week,
Kei entered the piano room, Takaki is there trying to play the piano, Yabu is taking pictures of him.
“Look here at the camera.” Yabu said. “You look like a piano pro!” Yabu exclaimed then laugh.
“Stop teasing me Yabu.” Takaki stand up and tried to steal the camera from Yabu’s hand. “Give it to me Yabu. Give me.”
Kei cleared his throat, “I’m not disturbing you two, am I?” He ask.
“No, he’s just messing up with me.” Takaki said referring to Yabu. “I should go now.” Takaki snorted at Yabu then walk away.
“You two look good together.” Kei said with a grief voice.
“Naa, if Dai-chan hears you, I’ll be in great danger.” Yabu said then the two laugh.
“Now I remember how Dai-chan devilishly stare at Chinen when he’s being a baby to Takaki.” Kei added. Another burst of laughter echoed in the room.
“He looks like a live penguin is a big grill!” Yabu laughed.
The pale guy chuckled some more; relieved that there’s nothing going on with Yabu and Takaki. “Now get into that piano.” Kei ordered.
Yabu started to play.
“Magic Power?” Kei ask.
Yabu nods.
Yabu is playing well enough for Kei’s ears then, he keyed a wrong tune.
“What’s that?” Kei irritatingly ask; arching a brow.
“Sorry, I don’t know but I can’t get that one right. I’ve been practicing that but I can’t do it.” Yabu explained.
“Here,” Kei sit beside Yabu and place his fingers onto of Yabu, “You should key this one and that one, got it?” He said then directed Yabu’s fingers to the right keys.
Yabu tried, he got it right. Both of them smiled.
After 3 more weeks,
“Have you guys seen Yabu?” Kei ask the others.
“Don’t know.” Is the only response he get.
“Ah! I think he got a date with Takaki-kun.” Chinen said.
“What?” Kei and Daiki both exclaimed.
“I don’t know, but Yabu-kun said we’ll be out with Takaki-kun.” Chinen explained while doing his most famous puppy eyes.
“That Yabu-kun.” Daiki mumbled; a deadly aura was being emitted from him.
“No Chii!” Yuto argued, “Yabu-kun said that he’ll be out with Takaki-kun at the rooftop.” He corrected Chinen.
“Now who’s saying the truth?” Kei ask; annoyed at the younger one’s answers.
Chinen pointed Yuto.
Without any word Kei immediately went to the rooftop. He did see Yabu and Takaki.
“Takaki, look here!” Yabu exclaimed.
Takaki block the camera, “Yabu, stop that or I’ll -”
“Or you’ll what?” Yabu asked while laughing, “Takaki-kun so kawaii!” He exclaimed.
Kei turn his back and went downstairs angrily.
“I’ll tell Inoo-kun that you like him.” Takaki threatened.
“You wouldn’t do that to your best friend!” Yabu exclaimed, “Besides this is for Dai-chan so stay still and be cute!” He added as he continued to take pictures of Takaki.
That afternoon,
“Did you see Inoo-chan?” Yabu ask.
“Ah!” Chinen exclaimed.
He earned a glare from his right. “You didn’t see him right?” Yutp threatened.
“I want to eat ice cream.” Chinen clenched his body into a ball and lied.
Yuto grin.
“Piano room.” Keito said.
At the Piano Room,
“Oi Inoo-chan!” Yabu greeted.
“What?” Kei ask angrily.
“Are you in a bad mood?” Yabu ask.
Kei continue to play, Yabu sit beside him and started to play with Kei.
Kei stop playing, “How did you know about this piece?” He asks.
“Because I know it since birth.” Yabu said.
Kei stared at him.
“I actually know how to play the piano since I took piano lessons before.”
Kei is still staring at him.
“So I lied to you, because I want you to notice me.” Yabu played again, “Because I love you.”
Then he started to play a different piece, “Do you know this one Kei?” He asks.
Kei is still staring at him.
‘This is River flows on you, isn’t it warming?’ Yabu said then he smiled.
Kei is still staring at him.
“I really like to play it because it gives me a calming feeling.” He continued. “And a lot people dedicate this song to their special someone’s, isn’t it nice?”
Kei is still staring at him then all of a sudden, Kei pulled Yabu and kissed him.
He let go of Yabu, foreheads leaning to each other, “Because River flows on You tell a story of pure love. Just like my ‘I love you’ to you.’ Kei said, both of them smiled then he kissed Yabu passionately.
“My ‘I love you’ to you is more.” Yabu mumbled in between their lips. And because of that he receives another kneading kiss from his now, as we can say, boyfriend.
“Yuuyan chooooo KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!” Daiki teased his boyfriend as he looks at the pictures that Yabu give to him.
“Stop Daiki.”
“But you’re so cute!” Daiki continued as he scans the pictures in his hand. “Actually being cute fits you more than you being hot or sexy.” The penguin said and squealed the next moment because Takaki had trapped him in a tight hug.
“So you don’t want this side of me?” He huskily asked as he placed kisses upon Daiki’s nape.
“Oi Yuuyan! I didn’t say that I don’t want this.” Takaki smirked as Daiki faces him and they began some not cute things; forgetting the actual cute photos.


A/N: joykimberly
ate Ken, this is a compensation for I can't still do your request, HONTOU NI GOMEN NASAI!
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